About the Campaign

The It’s Up to Us campaign is designed to empower San Diegans to talk openly about mental illness, recognize symptoms, utilize local resources and seek help. One in five adult San Diegans live with a diagnosable mental health challenge and nearly one out of every five children experience some degree of an emotional or behavioral difficulty. Mental health challenges are just as important to address as physical illnesses. But often, people do not seek professional care and seek support, nor give support, because of the stigma that is associated with having a mental illness.

By raising awareness, educating the community and providing easy access to local organizations and services, our goal is to initiate change in perception, inspire wellness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health challenges.

This campaign is developed through the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, and funded by the County of San Diego Mental Health Services Act. Recovery is possible and help is available. It’s Up to Us.

View campaign materials online.