Resources for Anxiety in San Diego

Anxiety is a feeling of worry and usually occurs as a normal response to stress. In most cases, this feeling disappears as soon as the stressful event is over.

Sometimes, however, this worry occurs out of proportion to what’s going on, or is impossible to control. It can feel so overwhelming that it affects a person’s ability to work, study, interact with others or follow a daily routine, resulting in an inability to relax; they may constantly worry that something bad is about to happen.

People who experience extreme fear and worry that doesn’t go away may have an anxiety disorder. There are numerous anxiety disorders and each has its own specific symptoms. For example, panic disorders cause sudden, uncontrollable feelings of terror, whereas obsessive compulsive disorders are characterized by repeated, unwanted thoughts that cause anxiety and ritualized actions that relieve that anxiety. There are many reliable therapies and treatments for anxiety disorders. For more information about anxiety disorders, symptoms, and treatment visit: or

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