Check on an Older Adult in Your Life!

“I’m fine” and “Nothing I can’t take care of myself.” Do these sound like familiar responses when you ask an older person how he or she is doing? Often we associate certain behaviors with the normal process of aging, but increased irritability, isolation or resistance to help may be signs of deeper problems.



Warning signs of suicidal thinking among older adults include:

  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Failure to take care of oneself
  • Preoccupied with death
  • Withdrawal
  • Neglecting medical advice
  • Looking for means of self-harm
  • Parting with friends or belongings
  • Changes in sleep

If you are concerned about an older adult in your life, take the time to check in to ensure that person is emotionally well. Local resources in the San Diego area include:

Aging and Independence Services (AIS) Senior Mental Health Team: (800) 510-2020. The Senior Mental Health team includes mental health clinicians who provide crisis assessments and assistance for persons age 60 and older with mental health issues. Operators are also available to talk to a concerned adult and provide information and/or referrals.