How to Stay Emotionally Fit in the Golden Years

The Golden Years is the time we hope to harvest the seeds we planted early on in life by making the most of our retirement, enjoying our grandchildren, and making time for the finer things. Unfortunately this is also a time that can be marked by loss, health challenges and change that make it necessary to find new passions, make new friends and have the courage to try new things.

In the County of San Diego, Aging & Independence Services offers a variety of programs to assist seniors with staying active, healthy and involved in their communities. “Feeling Fit Clubs” throughout the county offer safe and comfortable fitness classes for older adults. Other programs, such as RSVP, connect seniors to volunteer opportunities in the community, train seniors to be tutors in local schools and encourage social interaction at dining centers, events and health fairs.

Stay Fit, Active and Involved.

Here are a few tips from fellow San Diego seniors:

“I try to walk everyday – it makes me feel like a million bucks. I also host a scary movie night once a month.”Phyllis Lepiscopo, 67 

“I attend ‘Feeling Fit’ and ‘Silver Yoga’ classes every week. As a result I feel more calm and it has helped me with my heart and diabetes.”Leonor Murillo, 75 

“For me, engaging in exercise such as yoga and walking for an hour every day is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. It helps me have clear thoughts. I also like to sew, it’s a lot of fun and it keeps me active and relaxed.”Guadalupe Sanchez, 67

It’s Up To Us to make the most of our golden years

This month:

  • Try out a “Feeling Fit Club” class, or ask a friend to go for a walk.  
  • Connect with your community and volunteer.
  • Make plans to spend time with a friend or try out a new activity with others, such as a cooking or art class.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor who seems to be lonely to go to a movie or host a movie night.
  • Start or join a book club – available at many County libraries.
  • Check your mood by asking yourself the questions on the next page and get help if you are concerned.

An hour-long Feeling Fit Club program can also be viewed at 8 a.m. and again at 1 p.m. Monday through Friday on the San Diego County News Center TV (CNC TV) on Time Warner Cable Channel 85, Cox Cable Channel 19 or 24, and U-verse channel 99 and scroll. For show times and for more information about programs and services offered by Aging & Independence Services call (800) 510-2020 or visit