Jamin’s Story

Struggling with hardships such as abuse, stigma and discrimination, homelessness or traumatic memories can be difficult. But life can get better. Connecting with the right people, finding inner strength and tapping into local programs can make all the difference. 

“Not too long ago I remember looking into the mirror and not recognizing a thing about the person that was looking back at me. A person with a label of a mental illness that seemed to come with limiting beliefs and low expectations. I felt lost, empty and confused. My family and I were told that I would never be able to recover and would have to always be highly medicated. But my family stood by me as I advocated for myself. I also found professionals and programs that believed in my strength and potential for recovery. With the help of a treatment center and a lot of hard work, I was able to completely recover and now I don’t take any medications. I currently work and am also going to school. I regularly meet with others and share my motivations, dreams and interests to continuously strengthen my passions. Despite the odds, people can recover; people recover and stay well, it happens all the time.”Jamin

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