Know the Signs, Find the Words and Reach Out!

Even when surrounded by friends and family, someone experiencing emotional pain or suicidal thoughts can often feel isolated. Recognizing the warning signs is the first step in reaching out to someone you are concerned about. If you sense something is wrong, trust your instincts and respond. By knowing what to look for you can find the words to offer support and reach out to available resources.

Know The Signs

Know the Signs

The warning signs for suicide—withdrawal, depression and hopelessness—are there, but not always obvious. It’s up to us to learn the warning signs and offer support to someone we care about.

Find the Words

Find the Words

“Are you thinking of ending your life?”

Few phrases are as difficult to say to a loved one. But when it comes to suicide prevention, none are more important. The website provides suggestions on how to find the words to start the conversation with someone you are concerned about.

Reach Out

Reach Out

There are many resources in our community available to assess, treat and intervene:

San Diego Access and Crisis Line: (888) 724-7240

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program (for youth): (760) 635-5904

Survivors of Suicide Loss: (619) 482-0297

A new report provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a significant rise in suicide rates among middle-aged adults ages 50 to 64. The suicide rate in this age group increased 45% between 1999 and 2010, with significantly higher increases for men in their 50s (a 48% rise) and women 60 to 64 (a 60% rise). Source: