How Music Can Boost Your Mental Health

We’ve all experienced the power of a great song. But did you know that music has scientifically proven benefits to our health? Here are just a few things that the power of music can achieve:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Listening to music can trigger measurable stress-reducing effects.
  • Decreased pain: Pain and stress are often linked, and listening to music has shown to relieve pain and depression among people diagnosed with the painful condition of fibromyalgia.
  • Help with exercise: The more you exercise, the more you get those feel-good endorphins. Music has been shown to help with increased motivation (so you actually get off the couch), increased endurance (so you can work out longer) and faster post-workout recovery (so you have less downtime and aren’t as sore).
  • Improved sleep quality: Having trouble getting enough sleep? Too little sleep can actually contribute to symptoms that mimic mental health problems. Why not try a little soothing music at bedtime to see if it can improve your sleep? In one study, students suffering from insomnia were able to sleep better after listening to classical music and their depressive symptoms decreased as well.