Why Parents Should Pay Attention to 13 Reasons Why

The Netflix drama series 13 Reasons Why, about a teenage girl who takes her life after being bullied, has been widely watched, praised, and criticized. Despite concerns about its provocative content, audiences were large enough that Netflix has announced it will air a second season.

Has your teen watched the show? Are they talking about it with their friends? If the answer is yes, this is a great opportunity as a parent to have important conversations about suicide. Suicide prevention specialist Stan Collins addresses the topic in a blog advising us to, “use this time as a teachable moment to open the door to conversations we too often avoid. Suicide is a big deal, but opening up about it doesn’t have to be.” Find important questions to ask and resources to help navigate what may be a difficult conversation by reading the full article here: www.EachMindMatters.org/Ask-the-Expert/13-Reasons-Why/. To find the warning signs and ways to offer support to a loved one, visit www.Up2SD.org.