Postpartum Depression in San Diego

Postpartum Depression Is More Than Just The Baby Blues

The baby blues after childbirth can commonly include mood swings, anxiety, irritability and crying spells, but typically fade quickly. Postpartum depression is a more severe, long-lasting form that may occur soon after delivery or up to a year later. Most of the time, it occurs within the first 3 months after delivery. Factors that contribute to postpartum depression include changes in brain chemistry, hormone levels and lifestyle. The condition can last up to a year, but with appropriate treatment it usually goes away within a few months. Learn more about postpartum depression by contacting the Postpartum Health Alliance in the Link Up section below.

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The Postpartum Health Alliance, located in San Diego, offers moms in crisis and their concerned friends and relatives support, information and referrals. Call their warmline at (619) 254-0023 or visit for more information, a blog and upcoming events.