Stand Up to Stigma in the Media

Mental illness is common. In fact, mental health challenges are experienced by one in five San Diegans. They have careers, families and hobbies; yet TV shows and news stories often present a distorted image and negative stereotypes. These images are a key element to the stigmas people with mental illnesses face every day. To help break this cycle, let the media know that you don’t agree with or support hurtful portrayals.



Protest Stigmas

When you notice a news article, advertisement or TV show that is incorrect and demeans, humiliates or hurts a person with a mental illness, contact the publisher, editor, writer, station manager and/or sponsors by letter, telephone, fax and/or email informing them of the inaccurate and offensive portrayal.

Praise Accurate Presentations

When you see a news article, TV show or movie that contributes to accurate depiction of mental illness, send a message of appreciation and support to the publisher, editor, writer, station manager and/or sponsor. Let them know you agree with the positive representation and relate it to a personal story if possible. One organization that does a great job at praising and protesting is the National Alliance on Mental Illness through its StigmaBusters campaign.To learn more, Read Up on how to Stand Up Against Stigma.