Start the Talk about Underage Drinking

Talking about alcohol is among the first steps a parent can take in preventing his or her child from engaging in underage drinking. Here are a few resources to help parents broach the topic with their kids.

TALK. THEY CAN HERE YOU. is a free, virtual resource similar to a video game that guides parents through the dos and don’ts of talking to their children about underage drinking. Using avatars, parents can practice bringing up the topic of alcohol and learn what questions to ask. Website:

TOO SMART TO START is a public education campaign for teens, educators and parents sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to provide facts and resources about underage drinking. Among other resources, the READY, SET, LISTEN! game is designed to help parents and young people talk to each other about drinking. Website:

ABOVE THE INFLUENCE is a resource for teens that aims to help them stand up to negative influences including the pressure to use drugs or alcohol. Website: