Students’ Mental Health

Hectic Lifestyle Can Threaten Students’ Mental Health 

College can be an exciting time of self-discovery, independence and realizing dreams for the future. Yet the challenge of balancing school, sleep, work and play can be stressful. And for many students, this struggle takes its toll on their mental health.

Mental illnesses often emerge in the late teens or early 20s. In fact, about one in five adults between 18 and 24 have diagnosable mental health challenges.

About 30% of college students have a major depressive episode in a given year. Compounded with additional worries on the “to do” list, it’s no surprise that half of all college students have reported feeling overwhelming anxiety in the last year.

Mental illness is real, common and treatable. One may believe that determination and will power can eliminate the problem, but it is important to seek help – the sooner the better.

When properly diagnosed and treated, most people with mental health challenges can recover, pursue a career and realize their dreams.

Most college campuses offer access to onsite counseling and other mental health services. For more information, visit

Mental illness has many possible causes, but factors that can intensify the symptoms include stress and a lack of sleep. A recent poll of college students conducted by ULifeline found that 57 percent had slept three hours or less the night before. Getting enough sleep is one simple way you can help yourself feel better.

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