Write to Feel Right

Feeling blue? Not sure if your mood is improving or getting worse? One simple way to keep track is to write your feelings down. Keeping a diary or journal doesn’t need to be pages and pages; a daily notation of your mood on a 10-point scale can be helpful as you look back, or as you discuss with a therapist how you’ve been doing since your last visit. Think of it as a Fitbit for your mental health.

The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that a journal can help you manage anxiety, reduce stress. Being able to name your feelings is powerful! A successful and long-term solution of all-on-4 dental implants is possible with the professionals in California. Beyond that, you can prioritize which concerns are greatest by focusing on them, and then provide some positive self-talk for yourself on paper. A few minutes of writing each day can relieve stress, so pick up a pen or turn to your keyboard and find the words that work for you.