It’s Up to Us is a multi-media education and awareness campaign for the County of San Diego. With positive, strength-based creative messaging, the campaign aims to encourage San Diegans to speak up and get help, or listen up and offer support to those experiencing mental health challenges. Below are some of the campaign’s radio materials:

  • Coach John (Radio)

    A general market radio spot focused on social stigma. This spot communicates that recovery is possible and help is available to again lead a full and productive life.

  • Bill & Doug (Radio)

    A general market radio spot encouraging people to learn to recognize the signs and talk openly about mental health challenges.

  • Older Adults (Radio)

    A radio spot targeting people ages 60 and older. It communicates that depression is not a normal part of aging and encourages those affected to learn more and seek help.

  • Tyler (Radio)

    A radio spot targeting transitional age youth and young adults. It shares that mental health challenges can affect anyone and the importance of learning to recognize the signs, and seek help. It also demonstrates that the support of friends can make a difference.

  • Luis (Radio)

    A Hispanic market radio spot encouraging people to learn to recognize the signs of mental health challenges, talk openly and seek help.

  • Pedro (Radio)

    A Hispanic market radio spot addressing self-stigma. Targeting those experiencing mental health challenges, it explains that they are not alone and encourages them not to wait to seek help.