Recovery Month

R is for Recover

National Recovery Month honors individuals on their journey of recovery. Each September, people in San Diego and across the nation celebrate the importance of recovery and highlight the successes of millions of Americans in overcoming substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Their stories communicate a powerful message that prevention works, treatment is effective and recovery is possible!

Whether someone is experiencing a mental illness, substance use disorder or both, they need your help and support. Learn how to support someone on their road to recovery or link up for resources.

Important Tips!

  • Read up on symptoms and treatment options. Remember – help is available and recovery is possible.
    • It’s important to learn the symptoms for both mental health problems and substance use.
  • Don’t mix your medications with alcohol or other drugs.
    • Carefully read and follow labels on medicine containers. Warnings to avoid drinking alcohol or taking other drugs while using prescriptions are precautions to help keep you safe.
  • Don’t share your medications.
    • While your intention may be to help a friend with a headache or low mood, sharing medications can have unintended and even fatal consequences.Sharing prescriptions is never a good idea.
  • Support a friend and family member.
    • Whether someone is experiencing a mental illness, substance use disorder or both, they need your support and help. For more information, visit:
  • Stay healthy – exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep.
    • The simple and fundamental practices of good nutrition, adequate sleep and regular exercise are always helpful. To learn more about wellness, visit:

Link Up: Help and support are available
monitor-icon Visit:
phone-icon Call the San Diego Access and Crisis Line: (888) 724-7240


Join the Recovery Happens celebration!

Waterfront Park
September 14, 2019

Recovery Happens is community event celebrating those in recovery and those who support them. This family-friendly event at the Waterfront Park will have music, entertainment, shared stories, food and resources.



Bruce’s Story

Watch Bruce’s story of strength and perseverance.