Health Care Professional Resources in San Diego

Find information to help recognize symptoms of mental illness, warning signs for depression and suicide and helpful tips for talking with patients about their concerns.

  • It’s Up To Us – Website for Health Care Providers:
    This website is designed to help primary care physicians recognize symptoms of mental disorders in their patients. It includes tips for talking with patients about their concerns, information on recognizing warning signs of mental illness, helpful fact sheets, screening tools and a host of other resources to provide patients the guidance they need.

  • Aging Well (PDF): 
    Aging Well for Healthcare Professionals is a free and easy-to-use, one-hour eLearning for primary care providers, office staff, first responders, volunteers and allied professionals. It is designed to sensitize providers to the unique aspects of caring for older adult’s mental health, including prevention, early intervention and treatment. BRN, BBS, CAS, and CAADAC/CAADE continuing education are available at completion. Free in-service trainings are also offered onsite, in-person to staff of 10 or more.

  • Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care:
    This web-based toolkit is useful for primary care providers and medical practice managers in rural and non-rural settings. It includes tools to assess your patient’s risk of suicide, plan interventions, create safety plans and develop partnerships with others in the community.