Personal Stories

Mental health challenges are common and though often not talked about, a lot of people share similar struggles, feelings and questions. Many young people in San Diego have gone through tough times and are doing better now because they spoke up and got the help they needed. There are people who care, who can relate and who want to help. It’s Up To Us to make a difference by stepping up for ourselves and supporting our friends! Watch these personal story videos.

  • Kimberly’s Story: There is More to Live For

    Kimberly's Story: There is More to Live For “If you’re suffering, regardless of what you are thinking in this moment, you have more to live for.”

  • Jamin’s Story: Despite the Odds

    "As I reached out for help and support, I found those who truly believed in me – which really made the difference. With help of a treatment center and a lot of hard work I was able to completely recover. Now I don’t take any medications!"

  • Antonio’s Story: Different Strokes for Different Folks

    "When I first had symptoms, I was in denial. Thinking back now, it is worse to be in the dark. Once you know what you are dealing with and getting help, you are doing something to get well. I never settled. I believed I could get better."

  • Annabelle’s Story: Healing

    "Suicide impacts so many more people than the one that died… As a community we need to understand mental illness and suicide. Survivors of suicide need to be able to grieve as openly as others."

  • Pharoh’s Story: Standing Soldier

    "I have faced a lot of stigma in my life. It made me feel imprisoned, like my freedom of self-expression had been taken away. Today I have peace from my symptoms and I am filled with hope. My life has truly been restored."

  • Susan’s Story: Who Am I?

    "In the Asian culture mental illness is taboo. When we are sad, we say we don’t feel well or we have a headache, we don’t say depressed. We don’t want to embarrass or bring shame to our family... Recovery is possible and there is always light at the end of that dark tunnel."